Engagement sessions are so sweet and I think every couple should have one!
It's a great time to celebrate and capture the two of you and the joy you bring each other. 

For engagement sessions I encourage you to think of a place that means something to you both or maybe there is a Sunday routine you never skip that should be documented. Some couples just have a favorite location, because it's beautiful - and that's great too! I'll help guide you into "poses" and then you just hang out, laugh, snuggle, be sweet and awkward with one another while I snap away. There is absolutely zero pressure at my engagement sessions. They goal is to have fun and make a memorable few hours with the one you love.

Another great reason to have engagement photos taken is that it helps make your actual wedding day portraits a breeze! At your engagement session we'll run through some typical poses we'll utilize for the day of your wedding - that way you'll know what to do! It's also a great time for the three of us to get comfortable with one another. Being comfortable around your photographer during your wedding day is so important. Why would you want a stranger by your side on your wedding day.. all day?! After your engagement session you'll feel more comfortable with me, I will get to know what poses work for you both and what poses don't - it's a great practice run for the main event! 

All of my wedding packages include a free engagement session because I strongly believe my couples that have them do better on their wedding day. It doesn't matter if your shy, awkward, not photogenic.. I've heard it all! It's not about that. It's about the two of you, being together. It's about freezing this special moment in time so you can look back on it years from now when you're old and gray. It's about sharing them with your family, telling stories, sharing history. It's a beautiful thing.