Ahh, love. I love it.
I really do! That's why I made a career out of documenting those sappy stares
between two starstruck lovers.

When I photograph a wedding I'm looking for all those little parts that come together to tell the story of your most favorite day ever. I love the little details, capturing those candid moments between your guests, the quiet moments of a bride or groom prepping moments before their ceremony, the flower girl running wildly through the hotel, mom and dad sobbing in the front row and we can't forget your erm, most talented dance stars that embark onto the dance floor after a couple cocktails. These moments can be fleeting and I aim to freeze them for you. 

I once had a wedding guest come up to me and say "You must really love your job. You've been smiling this whole time". He was right. I get really invested in my couples. I was smiling because I was watching a couple I had got to know have the best time ever. I want to know all about you before your wedding day. How did you meet? How did you propose? What do you do for fun? Building a relationship before your wedding day is so important. After all, I'll be by your side when you profess your undying commitment and love to another human being. It's a bit personal. I don't take it lightly and nor should you!